Australian EV Watchlist – December 2017

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or reads The Sizzle will be fully aware that I’m chomping at the bit for an electric car. I’m tired of getting my combustion engine serviced, paying for fuel and all the carbon emissions spewing out the tailpipe. What makes this worse is that there’s already a few well priced, decent rage electric cars available overseas in right hand drive.

Unfortunately, Australia has none of these for sale right now. For anyone else keen for an electric car, here’s a list of vehicles you can buy overseas and what the manufacturer has planned for an Australian release. I thoroughly suggest hounding the manufacturers on social media and proclaiming your desire to give them money to buy an electric car.

2nd Generation Nissan LEAF

  • Australian ETA: late 2018, early 2019 (source)
  • Base Model Range: 250-300km (source)
  • Estimated Price: JPY3,150,360, approx A$45,000 with on-road costs (source)

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

  • Australian ETA: fleet early 2018, retail mid-2018 (source)
  • Base Model Range: 190-200km (source)
  • Estimated Price: ~$45,000 on-road (source)

VW e-Golf

  • ‍Australian ETA: none, possibly never (source)
  • Base Model Range: ~200km (source)
  • Estimated Price: £32,190 before incentives in UK (source)

Chevrolet Bolt

  • Australian ETA: probably never, as there’s no RHD version (source)
  • Base Model Range: ~350km (source)
  • Estimated Price: US$37,495 before incentives (source)

Renault Zoe ZE40

  • Australian ETA: now, kinda – for fleet only (source)
  • Base Model Range: ~280-300km (source)
  • Estimate Price: ~$47,500 on-road (source)

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