Issue 358 – Thursday, 23rd March 2017

The greatest sport in the world is back in action tonight (the best team in the world doesn’t play until Sunday afternoon), so I wrote a little thing about how to stream it online this season. The AFL are horrible at streaming stuff online, but this year’s international viewer service is awesome – you just need a VPN to access it. Check it out if you’re into footy.

  • Medium announces how they plan to monetise
  • Someone ripped off $100m from tech companies with an email scam
  • Apple acqui-hires Workflow
  • Kia won’t import EVs into Australia until the government does something
  • Super Mario Run comes to some Android devices
  • Qantas wants startups to do stuff with its vast collection of data
  • Why aren’t there more women in cybersecurity IT jobs?
  • Narcissistic fuckwits learned to code and publish an app

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Issue 357 – Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

  • Google reveals Android O
  • Apple threw some product updates at us last night
  • The USA and UK are banning electronics bigger than a smartphone from Middle Eastern planes
  • Australian companies can now raise capital and reward equity via crowd-funding
  • Facebook is now alerting users when they post fake news
  • Woman shows up to ER with an RFID implant she thinks is tracking her
  • TPG trialling 3.6GHz LTE in Bendigo
  • Candy Crush game show coming soon

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Issue 356 – Tuesday, 21st March 2017

  • Poms whinging about their ads appearing on shitty YouTube channels
  • Samsung’s take on Siri is called Bixby, plus a bunch of other Galaxy S8 leaks
  • AU government is making a system to verify you online
  • Farmers upset over Fair Work’s new smartphone app
  • Apple doesn’t pay tax in New Zealand
  • Parallels Lite & Veertu – free virtual machine apps for macOS
  • Telstra’s LTE network is very good
  • Very cheap Ubiquiti networking gear

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Issue 355 – Monday, 20th March 2017

  • A malicious tweet gave this guy an epileptic fit and almost killed him
  • Uber’s new president gets the fuck outta there before the stink rubs off
  • 500 Startups will put their AU base in Melbourne
  • Hacker manages to escape a VMware Workstation VM
  • Intel’s very fast SSD
  • More Usborne 80s computer books have been uploaded
  • Google Glass is apparently popular on the assembly lines of America
  • Keep your hands warm whilst using the computer with this mini space heater

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Weekend Bargains Special Edition

Hello everyone! Even those of you who never ended up paying for The Sizzle but never bothered to unsubscribe!

The glorious 20% off tech eBay sale is still going strong and it’ll run until the 22nd of March. I know you all love these bargains (or so people keep telling me), so I spent a Sunday arvo trawlling through eBay, finding stuff that 1. I would actually recommend buying – stuff I’ve used or reviewed or read about that doesn’t suck and 2. you can’t find cheaper, including postage and credit card fees, anywhere else.

I sent this out to not just those who pay for The Sizzle or are on the free trial, but also those who are still thinking about subscribing. For those people, this is just a taste of the sort of effort I put into crawling the internet for cool stuff every day for paid members. You’re really missing out by not being a paid member of The Sizzle. That’s easily fixed however…

Of course don’t forget to use the code CYBER on checkout to get the 20% off!

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Issue 354 – Friday, 17th March 2017

The Sizzle crossed 300 paid subscribers last night. 302 of you fools beautiful people pay me $5/m to read this thing every day! I’m still a long way from taking The Sizzle full-time (i.e: deleting my Uber driver account and saying no to crappy on-site IT support jobs), I need 700 paid subscribers to do that – but The Sizzle is getting to that point faster than I had hoped.

Please keep telling your friends and spreading the word about The Sizzle – seriously, every Facebook post, tweet, LinkedIn thing or email forward helps. The Sizzle could be way better if I had more time to spend on it, so if you like it now, imagine how awesome it’d be if I could do it full-time!

  • Google’s voice assistant yells ads at you now
  • Uber’s stats on robocar performance leaked and they suck
  • Expect to see more stuff live-streaming on Twitter soon
  • SwatchOS coming in late 2018
  • $4m for STEM engagement activities in Australian schools
  • Aus Post wanted to scare users with fake cryptolockers but it was too scary for them
  • The iTunes EULA in comic form
  • Find somewhere to live with NBN

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Issue 353 – Thursday, 16th March 2017

  • Brisbane City Council pissed away $60m for an IT system that may never work
  • AMD’s mid-range Ryzen 5 CPUs get a date & price
  • The Turks are calling the Dutch Nazis via hacked Twitter accounts
  • The FBI has started a manhunt for the 4 Russians that totally owned Yahoo’s email service
  • Maccas USA starts testing a mobile ordering & payment app – AU by end of year
  • More transactions completed with cards than cash or cheque in AU
  • New version of FreeNAS looks nice
  • The 20% off tech eBay sale continues

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Issue 352 – Wednesday, 15th March 2017

  • Remote controlled vibrator company was harvesting user info without permission
  • The ATO & Immigration department are hopeless at IT security
  • Microsoft Teams (aka Microsoft Slack) is out of beta
  • American ISPs will probably be allowed to sell customer browsing info to advertisers
  • Wireless headphone battery exploded on a woman’s head on a plane
  • Bargains bargains bargains
  • Big UK ISP decides to block TeamViewer for everyone
  • Samsung promises to give US users monthly software updates

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Issue 351 – Tuesday, 14th March 2017

  • South Australia will get its batteries – after a tender process takes place
  • Intel buys self-driving car tech company Mobileye for US$15b
  • Tim Berners-Lee tells us what he thinks is fucked about the WWW in 2017
  • A study on the usefulness of Apple’s HealthKit shows it’s alright
  • Volvo and Nissan announce new EV models
  • Uber is cooked as
  • Run Pi-Hole in the cloud, on an AU server, for US$2.50/m
  • Glorious Telecom Australia videos from the 80s and 90s

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Issue 350 – Monday, 13th March 2017

It would betray my comrades to actually work on this, the day of Labour, but there are some sweet bargains around thanks to an eBay sale that gives ya 20% off tech items. I was going over the sale for my own shopping needs anyways, so what’s the harm in sharing it with my friends? Enjoy these bargains until the Sizzle returns in all its glory tomorrow arvo.

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