Issue 446 – Monday, 31st July 2017

  • NBN’s Bill Morrow yelling at ISPs about CVC again
  • Tesla gives out proper Model 3 specs and US pricing
  • Apple removes VPN apps from Chinese App Store & Russia just bans them entirely
  • Dates & pricing for AMD’s Threadripper CPU and Vega GPU
  • Solid rumours that new iPhone will have infra-red face detection
  • What’s with all the Russian hackers?
  • P&G cut $100m from their digital ad spend and nothing changed
  • The USA also sucks at providing its citizens with cheap, fast internet

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Issue 445 – Friday, 28th July 2017

  • NBN shoots self in foot, blames everyone but itself
  • RIP iPod nano and iPod shuffle
  • Jeff Bezos was the world’s richest person for a few hours
  • AMD has new entry-level Ryzen CPUs
  • The DTA creates 250 govt IT internships
  • Cheap Apple TVs, iPhone SE and GTX1060 GPUs
  • Arq gets Backblaze B2 support at last!
  • Two electric cars nobody cares about and one everyone cares about

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Issue 444 – Thursday, 27th July 2017

  • Bloke who ran BTC-e busted for laundering $4b worth of crypto
  • Foxconn to open a $10b LCD factory in Wisconsin, Trump takes all the credit
  • Microsoft beefs up its bug program, score up to $250k for finding a major issue
  • Cochlear’s latest implantable hearing aid connects directly to an iPhone
  • Germany offers a glimpse of how Australia might bust end to end encryption
  • Classy lookin’ fuel location and price app for NSW drivers
  • ARKit is cool and fun and here’s some demos
  • Chinese court takes naming and shaming to a new level

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Issue 443 – Wednesday, 26th July 2017

  • Adobe finally gives Flash the arse
  • The UK will give internal combustion engines the arse by 2040
  • Toyota gets off its arse and announces an EV for 2022
  • Vodafone thinks NBN needs a massive overhaul in how it generates revenue
  • South Australia will force you to hand over passwords or go to jail
  • More eBay stuff: 15% off iTunes, Linksys router, Dell laptops & Sony headphones
  • Chrome gets Touchbar support
  • USB 3.2 – it’s USB 3.1, but faster

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Issue 442 – Tuesday, 25th July 2017

  • MS Paint isn’t dead, just sleeping
  • Another dodgy QLD cop sticking his beak in digital records he shouldn’t
  • Zero Latency’s room scale VR opening in Brisbane
  • Alphabet’s Q2 financials – profit takes a hit thanks to the EU’s big fine
  • Your robot vac is creating a map of your home to sell to Amazon
  • Loads of cheap Steam games via Green Man Gaming
  • Host a beastly gaming rig in the cloud and stream it to your crappy computer at home
  • A privacy invading photo logging cap

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Issue 441 – Monday, 24th July 2017

  • Swedish government leaked sensitive info on the entire country by accident, twice
  • TechnologyOne threatens Brisbane City Council with $50m lawsuit
  • Welcome to the Cyberpunk Studio at Star Casino
  • Siri and The Rock have a movie or an ad or both
  • Local gaming industry reminds government it exists now that Ludlam’s gone
  • Microsoft giving away free Azure use to climate change researchers
  • This ARKit navigation demo is awesome
  • Delta airlines starts replacing boarding passes with fingerprints

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Issue 440 – Friday, 21st July 2017

  • DoJ outlines its AlphaBay takedown & Dutch honeypot
  • Elon Musk tweets he has approval to build Hyperloop between NY & DC, but doesn’t
  • Most of the tech industry sides with Apple in its fight against Qualcomm’s high licence fees
  • Machine learning dongles for ya AI infused IoT dingus
  • Optus to drop $1b on improving regional mobile network
  • The iPhone is too popular for Apple to do cool stuff with
  • Bosch demos level 3 robocar
  • There’s 3 eBay sales going at the same time and I can’t keep up

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Issue 439 – Thursday, 20th July 2017

  • The ACCC set to take ISPs to court over misleading speed advertising, again
  • Google is generating news feeds personalised for you with machine learning
  • US set to loosen robocar testing requirements
  • $39m of Etherum stolen by hackers who say they’ll give it back once a bug is fixed
  • 50% of British kids between 12 & 20 are cyberbullied and Instagram is the bullying mecca
  • Nice podcast about future tech from a Sizzle subscriber
  • Mandatory data retention poor value for money
  • Kogan has a $2000, 75″ 4K TV for us size queens

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Issue 438 – Wednesday, 19th July 2017

  • Google Glass is back in business
  • Snap’s Spectacles now available on Amazon
  • Spotify accused of streaming music it legally doesn’t have the right to
  • Devil’s Ivy – a new vuln that owns high-end security cameras
  • Adelaide Metro wants free wi-fi across all its vehicles and some stations
  • Track planes with a Raspberry Pi and DTV dongle
  • P2P blockchain EV charging for fun and profit
  • New major version of Panic’s venerable Transmit

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Issue 437 – Tuesday, 18th July 2017

  • You can now buy a Google Home speaker & Google wi-fi router in Australia
  • Foxtel’s online streaming service died when everyone wanted to watch Game of Thrones
  • Indonesia forces Telegram to moderate channels for terrorism chat
  • Big 3 telcos come out and say the NBN tax on their non-NBN services is bullshit
  • Atari release pics of their new console, coming one day, in the future
  • Cheap iTunes, GoPro accessories, Aldi power meter & Sydney based VPS
  • Creating content in the right format for Netflix is more complicated than I thought
  • Invites go out for first Tesla Model 3 handovers

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