Give The Gift Of Sizzle

For $70 you can purchase a unique code that is redeemable for 12 months of The Sizzle. It is an easy, non-recurring, pre-paid way to get The Sizzle for yourself or someone special.

Gift The Sizzle via Stripe Checkout

Examples scenarios where a gift subscription to The Sizzle is appropriate:

How It Works

  1. Visit the Stripe Checkout page and use your credit card to buy as many gift subscriptions as you like.
  2. A 12-digit unique code is emailed to you, the buyer, for each subscription you purchase.
  3. You then distribute the codes however you like - email, iMessage, sky writing, toilet door, etc.
  4. Lucky recipient visits, enters the code & their email address.
  5. Subscription starts when code is redeemed.

Gift The Sizzle via Stripe Checkout

Gift Subscription FAQ

Does a gift code to The Sizzle expire if not redeemed?

No Sizzle gift codes do not expire. They are good for as long as The Sizzle exists.

Do gift subscriptions automatically renew?

No they do not. They are one off purchases. At the end of the gift subscription period the email address used to redeem the code is removed from The Sizzle's paid subscriber list.

What if the person I send the code redeemed it but realises they don't like The Sizzle?

Once the code is redeemed there's no refunds, sorry, but I can change the email address for you if you ask nicely.

Why does it cost $70? A normal subscription is $60!

Think of the $60 subscription as a discount for having automatic re-billing enabled. There are also a few extra fees on my end for a non-recurring subscription.

Do you accept cash instead of credit card?

I'd prefer not to take cash, but I'm not exactly in a position to go around refusing people's money. Email me ( and I'll organise a direct deposit or whatever payment method you're comfortable with.

Do gift subscribers get access to The Sizzle forums and Slack channel too?

They sure do! Gift subscribers get the same perks as a paid subscriber.

I'm already a subscriber to The Sizzle and want to purchase a gift subscription for myself, can I do that?

You'll be paying more ($70 vs $60) and have to remember to re-subscribe every year, but sure, go for it, I won't stop you. Cancel your existing subscription first to claim your instant refund, then come back here, buy a gift subscription and redeem the code yourself.

Can an existing Sizzle subscriber extend their subscription with a gift card?

No, gift subscriptions are for new subscribers only. If the email address you provide when redeeming the code already exists on The Sizzle's mailing list you'll get an error.