Weekend Bargains Special Edition

Hello everyone! Even those of you who never ended up paying for The Sizzle but never bothered to unsubscribe!

The glorious 20% off tech eBay sale is still going strong and it’ll run until the 22nd of March. I know you all love these bargains (or so people keep telling me), so I spent a Sunday arvo trawlling through eBay, finding stuff that 1. I would actually recommend buying – stuff I’ve used or reviewed or read about that doesn’t suck and 2. you can’t find cheaper, including postage and credit card fees, anywhere else.

I sent this out to not just those who pay for The Sizzle or are on the free trial, but also those who are still thinking about subscribing. For those people, this is just a taste of the sort of effort I put into crawling the internet for cool stuff every day for paid members. You’re really missing out by not being a paid member of The Sizzle. That’s easily fixed however…

Of course don’t forget to use the code CYBER on checkout to get the 20% off!

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Issue 339 – Friday, 24th February 2017

  • Google accuses Uber of using secret stolen robocar info from ex-Google employees it hired
  • SHA-1 is proper fucked now, stop using it
  • Google has an API to rid the world of toxic internet discussions
  • Amazon reckons the things you say to Alexa are covered under the First Amendment
  • Nintendo Switch previews hit the web
  • Bitcoin is off to the moon because the US might approve a Bitcoin ETF
  • Wix buys DeviantArt for $36m and I remember that DeviantArt exists
  • CSIRO reckons Australia can go 100% renewable energy with a tiny bit of effort

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Issue 337 – Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

  • Uber’s CEO might actually feel bad about this latest controversy
  • Qualcomm & Intel show off gigabit LTE modems perfect for Optus’s new gigabit LTE network
  • Australian Academic Centres of Cyber Security Excellence are a thing now
  • Steam is gonna charge GST now, so prices will go up
  • People are paying more for apps, kinda
  • Australia is now a civ you can play as in Civ 6
  • Lots of competition in the cheap $5 VPS market right now
  • Keep the cogs of capitalism well oiled with your hard earned money

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Issue 336 – Tuesday, 21st February 2017

  • Kim Dotcom is getting extradited to the USA, or is he?
  • ATO clamps down on the R&D tax incentive, startups pissing their pants
  • Government seems to not give a damn about the AU games industry
  • Apple submits its 14 reasons why it shouldn’t have to pay Ireland any back taxes
  • Uber get a former US Attorney General to find out why they’re such bastards
  • Old CRT displays are a huge e-waste problem
  • Ford finds that level 3 robocars will probably cause more accidents
  • A fond memory of whipping llama asses

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Issue 335 – Monday, 20th February 2017

  • Samsung’s boss arrested for bribing the South Korean president
  • German authorities tell parents to destroy doll that can secretly record their kids
  • Apple is lobbying against right to repair laws in 8 US states
  • Uber caught in sexist shit storm once again
  • 99.6% of new phones sold run Android or iOS and BBK (who?) sell a lot of phones
  • 1Password on Mac needs a manual update to keep working
  • Shakey the robot becomes an IEEE Milestone
  • Second Life is still a thing, particularly for disabled people

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Issue 334 – Friday, 17th February 2017

  • The AFL made online streaming of its sport worse this year
  • Village has more sites it wants blocked
  • Zuck’s new Facebook manifesto – connect with the world, not just ya mates
  • NBN lowers CVC costs a little, ISPs say it’s not good enough
  • WWDC 2017 will be in San Diego
  • There’s an alternative to the Telstra provided AFL streaming app
  • Hidden Folks is the cutest game I’ve seen since Katamari Damacy
  • Cheap Lenovo machines, 10% off Macs at JB, Square-Enix games on sale and MSY has some cheap stuff too

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Issue 332 – Wednesday, 15th February 2017

  • Amazon Chime, hopefully a better version of WebEx
  • Microsoft wants to make a digital Geneva Convention
  • Trailers for Apple’s new cringe-worthy TV shows
  • ABC iView to go HD soon!
  • Bill Morrow tries to explain why he’s so dumb but ends up showing us how dumb he really is
  • Telstra’s got a router with free 4G failover
  • US price of the Hyundai Ioniq EV is very low
  • Instapaper explains why it was down for so long lately

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Issue 331 – Tuesday, 14th February 2017

  • Apple joins the Qi charging standard group
  • Disney sacks PewDiePie for making YouTube videos with too much Nazi and anti-jew stuff
  • Prices leak for AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs
  • Mandatory data breach notification law passes the Senate
  • Cameroonian government deliberately cuts internet to its own citizens
  • Qualcomm has 802.11ax wi-fi SoCs in the oven
  • A glossary for the various types of NBN technologies in use
  • Sonos, 21:9 LCDs, Xiaomi batteries & indie game bargains

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Issue 330 – Monday, 13th February 2017

  • Ford throws US$1b into an AI company called Argo
  • 8th gen Intel CPUs to remain on a 14nm fab node
  • Magic Leap not so magic yet, as pics of prototype device leak
  • Oracle’s battle with Google over Android Java APIs set to continue with a fresh appeal
  • The Australian Retailers Association agrees with the banks over opening up Apple Pay
  • Adelaide company developing molten silicon electricity storage
  • MyRepublic wants to launch an Australian Gigatown
  • Desperate pirates using Change.org video embeds to share movies

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