Sizzlethon 2023 is over!

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped raise money for Cafs. After a week of harassing our friends to check out The Sizzle we've managed to raise $1,544! This is way more than I expected, thanks to the generousity of The Sizzle community.

Each referral is worth $6 each thanks to some legends matching my $1 donation: Bart Reardon, Michael Mulhern, Simon Allen & two others that wish to be anonymous. Dominic Bac Bui & Scott Hamilton felt guilty that none of their friends signed up, so chipped in $100 & $50 for Cafs.

The winners of the $100 JB Hi-Fi gift card are the wonderful humans at LAST Club, who got 27 people to sign up for a free trial. If you're into Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking (LAST!) you need to check them out. They've decided to forego the gift card and give it to Cafs instead, plus make their own $100 donation!

I really appreciate the effort everyone made to tell people about The Sizzle. For most of us this kinda thing doesn't come naturally and can be uncomfortable, so thank you for taking the time to help me and Cafs out.

If somehow you found this page but you're not already a Sizzle subscriber, visit to grab a free trial.