The Sizzle? What the hell is The Sizzle?!

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Hello, my name is Anthony and I write The Sizzle

I'm the one on the left

Many years ago I started MacTalk, One More Thing and Reckoner. I've contributed to Delimiter, SMH/The Age, Macworld Australia, PC & Tech Authority, Australian Personal Computer, Drive Zero and Media Connect/ITJourno over my decade long stint as a tech writer. Reckoner won the 2014 Optus IT Journalism award for best independent media, which I know was a while ago but I'm proud of it.

You may also remember me as the guy who went to New York to buy some iPads or who set up a cryptocurrency mining farm in a shed, or scored a bunch of frequent flyer points off a bank. I used those points on two seperate business class trips around the world and it was heaps of fun.

I talk a lot of shit on Twitter and write boring nerdy long form stuff that nobody pays me for over on my blog

Answers to Questions People Ask

I'd like to get in touch with you, what's the best way to do it?
Email me, and I'll usually reply in 24-48 hours. If you prefer to chat, add me on Telegram where I am @decryption

Is there an archive of old issues of The Sizzle I can check out?
Yes! Visit for previous issues of The Sizzle. I usually update it once a month.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Visit the customer portal to stop the payments and stop receiving The Sizzle.

How do I update my email or payment details?
The almighty customer portal is where this operation can be conducted. Changing emails is manual at the moment while I figure out how to automate it - so for now please email me if you'd like to change the address where your daily Sizzle is sent.

Can I move from a monthly to a yearly subscription or vice-versa?
Yep, you guessed it - customer portal!

How many people subscribe to The Sizzle?
As of mid-March 2021, 758 people pay to read The Sizzle. I love them all!

Is The Sizzle your full-time job?
I spend half of my weekdays occupied with Sizzle related stuff and the other half as a freelance tech writer, mostly advertorial/sponsored content for various outlets but sometimes product reviews. If you need someone to write tech related words, please get in touch!

Which platform does The Sizzle operate on?
Chargebee for billing, ActiveCampaign for sending emails, Zapier to tie the two together and GitHub Pages to host this site on.